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Brazilian Butt Lift

What is brazilian butt lift recovery like?



Buttock augmentation surgery is one of the most sought procedures by patients who want to improve the derriere in the long-term. However, many of them wonder how is brazilian butt lift recovery and the post-operative care that should be applied after undergoing this surgery.

For this reason, we have prepared an article that explains in detail what you should take into account for a quick recovery. Our intention is not to replace the medical consultation but to prepare you for what you will face. Take what you need and follow your plastic surgeon’s recommendations every time. 

Basic post-op care for brazilian butt lift recovery

Brazilian butt lift is an outpatient procedure, so patients can leave the same day of surgery and resume their daily activities the next day if they wish. 

However, this does not exempt them from following certain recommendations made by your plastic surgeon. Among the most frequent suggested post-op care after this brazilian butt lift are the following items [2]:

  • Wear post-surgical girdles that cover the treated area
  • Avoid physical activities of high impact or effort [3]
  • Do not sunbathe until the bruises disappear completely
  • Maintain a balanced diet rich in protein and vitamins
  • Try to get up and walk around as soon as you are able to do so
  • Avoid sitting for prolonged periods of time during the first few weeks
  • Sleep on your stomach or on your side for as long as your doctor recommends [1]

brazilian butt lift recovery

Frequently asked questions about brazilian butt lift recovery

The above recommendations leave some questions that we would love to answer below: 

How can I sit after brazilian butt lift?

The answer to this question is a surprise for some patients when they learn that they cannot actually sit down during their recovery. Most plastic surgeons agree that avoiding this position for the first weeks is the best thing to do since direct pressure on the buttocks could damage the injected fat cells and it could cause the loss of the results obtained [6].

For this reason, refrain from sitting on your buttocks. It’s your plastic surgeon who will determine the appropriate time to return to this position [4] and to try other alternatives that mimic traditional sitting for short periods of time without putting pressure on the buttock.

One of these techniques is to sit in the edgy backwards chair position where the weight falls on the thighs and the buttock is in the air [7]. For this you will need a chair with no arms and the back of the chair facing your chest. Another option is to use BBL pillow or an elevated cushion so that the buttock is suspended in the air when sitting.

Can I sit on the toilet during brazilian butt lift recovery?

The short answer would be yes, you can sit.  Short periods of time sitting on the toilet will not cause too much change in your results [5]. This is possible because most of the weight is on your thighs and not on your buttocks when you sit. Also, the butt is suspended in the air thanks to the hole in the toilet, so there is no direct pressure on it. 

However, avoid spending too much time sitting there. If you suffer from constipation, take prescribed medication by your doctor and only sit when you feel that your bowel movement will not take too long. 

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In summary

Recovery from a brazilian butt lift will be quick as long as you follow the instructions of the plastic surgeon who is attending your case. Some of the main postoperative care are the use of post-surgical compression garments, side or face down positions when sleeping, the consumption of fruits, vegetables and proteins, among others. 

However, one of the most challenging recomendations is not being able to sit down on your buttocks during the first weeks of recovery. Normally, patients spend time lying down or sitting before the surgery, but they will have to change their habits in the postoperative period to maintain the results of the intervention.

If you want to know more about brazilian butt lift in Colombia, write to us to receive customized assistance and solve all your concerns about our plastic surgery services in the South American country.  Start your free pre-consultation process with us today!

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Brazilian Butt Lift

Debunking myths about the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)



Despite the increase in popularity, buttock augmentation surgery by fat transfer still generates certain concerns in some of its future patients. For this reason, we have decided to compile some of the most frequent myths about the Brazilian Butt Lift to answer them and discover the truth in the face of these questions.

There is no doubt that celebrities like Kim Kardashian have made their best attribute a standard of beauty that many women want to imitate. So, today we tell you everything you should know before undergoing any increase in this part of the body.

Myths about the Brazilian Butt Lift: True or False?

Myth #1: Gaining or losing weight ruins the results of the Brazilian Butt Lift

As we mentioned in one of our past blogs, fat behaves like an autograft that can be partially absorbed. However, the fat deposits that remain stay forever. 

It has been proven that long-term retained fat ranges from 50 to 70% of the total fat transferred [2] and that this will have the same durability as the fat that already belonged to this area of the body before surgery.

In addition, it should be noted that fat is living tissue, and as such, it responds to the same variations that your body experiences. So, it can increase or decrease in volume over time as the patient’s weight varies without losing the results obtained.

Myth #2: Incisions are visible after Brazilian Butt Lift

False! The incisions made by fat grafting are usually imperceptible because the cannulas used tend to have diameters smaller than 1 centimeter. Therefore, the scars that you could be left with are really small.

Also, the swelling that appears in the operated area disappears a few days after the surgery. So after the recovery time, there will be no visible trace of this intervention.

Myth #3: Brazilian Butt Lift only adds volume to your buttocks

Beyond increasing the volume of your buttocks, few people know that this surgery also helps reshape the entire silhouette of the area to achieve a classic hourglass figure [1]. This means that it can also intervene on the waist, hips, and thighs if it is necessary. 

The changes are usually visible both front and back and the plastic surgeon will give an aesthetic and proportionate shape according to the patient’s body.

Myth #4: Brazilian Butt Lift will make your skin sag

This is perhaps one of the main myths that some patients ask themselves when seeking information about fat transfer. Some patients believe that the area of the body where the fat was extracted will be saggy after the procedure and this is not true.

First, the plastic surgeon calculates the amount of fat that can be removed so that the skin does not become flaccid [5]. And secondly, the removal is performed by laser liposuction, which stimulates the production of collagen in the skin and reduces the level of trauma. 

So, the skin of the operated area will return to its original place during the recovery process and incisions will be imperceptible to the human eye.

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In summary

Brazilian Butt Lift is a surgical procedure that uses fat from your own body to increase the volume of your buttocks and improve the silhouette of your hips, achieving a sexier and more symmetrical appearance. 

Despite the myths that surround it, it is an intervention that leaves no visible incisions or sagging skin in the treated areas. Its results are permanent even with weight fluctuations and its recovery is usually fast following the medical recommendations of the plastic surgeon. 

Of course, it is part of the list of procedures offered by BetterMe to all its users and you could also have access to them. Contact us to receive more information about costs, medical staff, travel plans, etc., and live the best medical tourism experience in Colombia. 

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